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Birthdate:Jan 4
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-The Basics

Name: Shinju Gouka
Age: 19 (as of 2010)
Birthday: January 4
Height: 5'8"
Gender: Male
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown (natural), White-blue (blind, current)
Dominant Hand: Left
Occupation: Student, Heir to Gouka Health Industries
Interests: Medicine, Music, Literature


Shinju Gouka is a serious young man with very snarky, dry humor. Due to being spoiled by rich parents, he looks down on most people--he tends to think of others as fools unless proven otherwise, and is of the belief that common sense isn't common. He rarely shows emotions other than disdain and pride (though at times it's more of a facade than anything), and a sincere smile from him is a very rare thing. Others find it hard to gain his trust, and as a result, there are very few people he speaks with openly.

To those few he trusts, however, he's extremely loyal and would do anything for them. Insulting any of these people, including his guardian and dear friend Zekarion, his recently-departed girlfriend, or his dead parents, flips a switch that lets the floodgates of his anger loose. He has a similar switch when it comes to anything dealing with the mafia, and does nothing to hide his intense loathing for the business and all those involved.

Though he's fairly capable, he prefers to leave the matters of his parents' business to Zekarion, as he doesn't feel he's ready to accept the burden of running the company yet. That would mean he'd have to accept that his parents were dead and gone.


Shinju was a fairly fortunate young man in his childhood, born to the wealthy couple and owners to Gouka Health Industries, Datei and Elizabeth Gouka. He was given nothing but the finest education by private tutors, and as such, didn't often venture outside of his family's estate. He's been tended to by servants his entire life, and there's hardly been a moment where he was somewhere without a servant or guard nearby. This was partially due to his wealthy background and partially due to the dangers of the mafia that resides in the city.

At the age of 17, he lost both his parents and his sight in a terrible car accident, which was, in actuality, an attempt on his family's lives. Though several proclaimed it was a miracle he survived, he was crushed, and secluded himself, talking to almost no one and leaving the house only when necessary. His now-legal-guardian, Zekarion Altier, tried to get him out of the house a bit, and it was at an event his parents' company sponsored that he met Emeraude Iserath. After this, he began to return to his old self, and they started a relationship.

-Recent Events

Events from the plot in UA and later plots in [info]apromisedland that have affected him will go here.

-Appearance and Abilities

Mr. Gouka's light brown hair is parted down the center with somewhat wild bangs framing his face. He's a rather thin young man, likely only weighing about 125 pounds, and he doesn't have much muscle, either, due to the fact he's always had a hard time keeping weight on. Because of all this, he's a bit weak physically, and tends to stick with mental disciplines, which he's hightly capable of. Though he has a very well rounded education, he likes to focus on languages, and has already learned several; Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and Spanish are the main ones he's studied, though he's only fluent in a few of them. He's also learned Braille quite well, and can read it at almost the speed he could before losing his sight.

He's also quite talented at card games and games of strategy like chess, though it's become a bit difficult for him to play due to losing his sight. Even so, he still likes to challenge people to games every now and then to pass the time.

[info]Emeraude Iserath: Dearly departed girlfriend. She was the first one he opened up to after he lost his parents and his vision, and she helped him heal. He was crushed when she left him, and feels a fair amount of guilt over her death, thinking that if he had been stronger, he could have protected her.

[info]Zekarion Altier: Legal guardian and trusted advisor. Shinju has known him since he was young, and has spent a great deal of time with him. He treats the man as if he were a close uncle or godfather, and has been influenced by him in certain ways, such as his demeanor and interests. Zekarion is about the only one he readily shares his feelings with.

[info]Tamaki Suou: Friend of sorts. He feels a bit of kinship with the man due to their shared feelings about Emeraude, but Suou's typical hyperactive demeanor tends to rub him the wrong way. Still, he trusts the other and regards him with some amount of respect.

[info]Miles Edgeworth: Trusted aquaintence. Though he doesn't know much about the district attorney, he feels indebted to him for saving his life on more than one occasion, and respects him and his office highly.
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